Several different functions/profiles (roles) generally exist in a company. An accountant, for instance, does not perform the same operations as a payment encoder or a technical integrator. Logically, you want to grant only the necessary access rights for each individual who uses your account, and on top of that, track which user has performed which operations.

The User Manager option allows you to assign a specific profile to each user and to give him the access rights he needs to fulfil his function. The User Manager is an additional service available for all products.

With the User Manager you can:

  • Configure several users under one account
  • Manage the profile and access rights of each user
  • Avoid critical mistakes by payment encoders
  • Trace the actions of each user (e.g. number of transactions per day)
  • Limit users to see only their transactions
  • Easily manage access rights for temporary staff
You can access the User Manager in your Concardis Payengine account menu by selecting “Configuration" > "Users".